Nourish the body, mind and soul and deepen self-awareness.  

Events and Retreats


This mini-retreat is about nourishing yourself body, mind, and soul. Through gentle reflection, healing meditation, and yoga nidra, we will dive deep within ourselves to rediscover the love that is already inside of each one of us.

This retreat is about you, about being gentle with yourself, and about nourishing yourself with loving-kindness. We will spend time identifying and moving beyond patterns, begin to understand who we are at a deeper level, and find deep love for ourselves while lovingly support each other on this self-love journey.When we truly love ourselves and respect ourselves, the relationship with ourselves and with others becomes sweeter.

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that is best experienced while in Savasana. However, if you are unable to lie down, you can sit on a meditation pillow or chair during Yoga Nidra.

Wear comfortable clothing.

Bring with you:

Yoga mat

Meditation pillow/Meditation chair

Pillow, meditation pillow, blanket

(whatever will help you to feel comfortable)

Eye pillow/mask if you wish

Water bottle

Journal and pen

Self-care Investment: $40