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Soul Love:

How to Love Your

Beautiful, Badass Self

Self-love, the love within yourself, is at the heart of everything. It’s at the heart of your relationships, your finances, your career, your goals, aspirations, and your wellness. The juiciness, the happiness of life is also part of how much you truly love yourself.

Self-love is the foundation where everything begins.

We are all love - that is our true energy. We are physical extensions or physical expressions of this love and light energy that is all around us. We are this love energy at our very core.

Why is self love so important? When you are able to love yourself and respect yourself, you will be able to love and respect others unconditionally. When we take care of ourselves in a genuine, loving way,  we attract deeper, loving relationships, build stronger relationships with our loved ones. 

Soul Love: How to Love Your Beautiful, Badass Self will guide you to reawaken to self-love and to nourish your body, mind and soul with loving energy. Through heart-opening practices, awareness, and reflection, you will discover deeper love for you and build deeper, more loving relationships. 

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