About Tamara Hanson

Author. Self-Love Advocate.

Reiki Master. Certified Meditation Instructor.

Bachelor of Arts - Psychology.

I have been a writer for over 25 years, and have written almost everything from fiction novels to online/magazine articles to manuals. My intention had always been to write fiction novels, but the Universe usually has bigger plans for us, especially when major change hits us without warning. After facing many challenging situations, grief and loss, and then awakening to deeper self-love and self-awareness, Soul Love started to unfold for me.

After recognizing that other people were not fully loving themselves, I knew that I needed to create something that would help people reawaken love deep within, and guide them to nourishing that deep love on all levels - mind, body, and soul.

For the past few years, I have built a foundation to assist others with reawakening to self-love. Through books, workshops, online courses, and energy work, I hope to help others to heal and nourish deep love for themselves.